Newborn bunnies, also called kittens or kits, are usually born in litters of five, on average. Depending on the breed of the bunny, these kittens may weigh between 1-1.5 oz and 3.5-4 oz (for larger types).

Infancy is the most difficult stage and the one with a high mortality rate because a kitten cannot regulate its body heat for the first 7 days (they are hairless). Furthermore, its growth is dependent on milk.

Kittens are the most vulnerable in this stage, as a mother can eat her children when she is frightened, or she panics after giving birth.

Unfortunately, in larger litters, feeding can also be a struggle. In such a small space, it’s survival of the fittest and it can be harder for the weakest kittens to get the milk they need.

This is because, at this point in their lives, they cannot see or hear. Luckily, they will usually develop these senses in the next few weeks. Kittens usually begin to open their eyes at around 7 days. Their ears will usually open at around day 12.

The soft bunny fur that we all know and love will begin growing as soon as they are born, with enough fur to keep them warm at around the ninth day.

Kittens rely on their mothers milk for sustenance until they are weaned at around 3 to 5 weeks.