Welcome to the Dwarf Papillon Rabbit Club of America 

Home of ARBA’s 50th Breed 


Dwarf Papillons were developed in Germany under the name Zwergschecken. Translated to English this means Dwarf Check. The idea for Dwarf Papillons was born in Metz, France at the 2015 Europa show when Randy and Allen attended. The Europa World Show had Papillons shown from several countries, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, Sweden, and Austria. They were all exhibited under the French name for the breed, Nain Papillon. Competition to purchase the few animals for sale was fierce, but Randy and Allen were fortunate enough to bring home 6 animals. They later traveled back to France and with help from our friend Jeremie Veyssiere from France we were able to acquire more stock from French and Swiss breeders. Matt Bermudez was instrumental in getting a shipment to the US from Germany. Animals from each of these 3 countries were very similar, but had distinct strengths we wanted to pull from. When we applied for the COD in January of 2016, Maddie Pratt came on as our fellow COD holder and Spokesman. Louis Potter also became part of the core group. The Zwergschecken standard was used and we applied for a foreign breed COD. We decided on what name we thought best represented the breed in the US and settled on Dwarf Papillon.

Timeline of Varieties:

  • January 2016 – COD issued for Black, Blue & Chocolate (Maddie Pratt/Randy Shumaker)
  • September 2020 – COD issued for Lilac, Tortoise & Tri-Color (Louis Potter/Linda Bell)
  • October 2020 – Chocolates pass 3rd showing; Dwarf Papillons become a recognized breed
  • October 2021 – Black and Blue present for their 3rd showing
  • October 2022 – Lilac, Tortoise & Tri-Color present for their 1st showing